• The Mask: K'windu - Marc Côté

The Aabletchiche tribe lost their ancestral mask due to a childish error. This mask is special : it caused many problems since its fabrication. Found by Jeff MacKotey, mute since childhood, the mask will find itself under the watchful eye of the police.

What will happen so that the Aabletchiche will have no problèmes with the mask? Will Jeff find his voice after so many years? It’s for you to find out what’s hiding behind Aabletchiches’ ancestral mask.


Nom de l'auteur: Marc Côté
ISBN: 978-2-89755-303-6
Format: 6 X 9
Nombre de pages: 228
Éditeur: Les Éditions Première Chance
Date de parution: Septembre 2021

The Mask: K'windu - Marc Côté

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